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Autentica Marketplace

Artists and creators can transform their artworks into authentic NFTs without exposing themselves to fraudulent use or duplicates. Collectors and traders can verify the authenticity of their purchased artworks and access rare digital art items.

Unique Features

NFT Certification

Through the minting process, we embed a digital certificate directly into the content of each artwork, a process known as steganography. This will ensure the NFT can be verified in the future and will include specific information about its creator and blockchain transactions.
The process involves inserting confidential data bits in the least significant bit positions of the original image (usually LSB/Right Most bit). This does not alter the image itself, yet the secret payload we encode ensures authenticity and eliminates duplication threats. The steganography process will make it forever traceable back to its author and current owner.

Multiple Blockchain Support

We currently support Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain, and soon any EVM-based network. Multiple blockchain support allows our users to link multiple wallets to their accounts from the same or different networks. We link all the NFTs that those wallets contain and place them in the users' Collection through our blockchain data processors, thus enabling easy artwork management.

Community Reviewers and Editors

Our users are at the core of everything we do, so we're exploring the idea of engaging select people within our community to choose artworks for feature and evaluate artworks that our machine-learning algorithms flag as probable duplicates.
We've designed a trust level system in which the actions of these users serve at first as indicators, climbing to the highest level of trust. Our user's actions and efforts become definitive in evaluating and featuring artworks and will receive rewards in $AUT tokens.

Autentica Certification

The Autentica Certification program validates the artworks authenticity by determining whether artworks contain the Autentica Digital Signature and blockchain metadata that links the image to a unique NFT on the blockchain.
This program allows our users to verify artwork by uploading the image directly or by providing the URL to an NFT.
When the user tries to verify an artwork by uploading the image directly or by using an URL supported by the providers listed below, the result of the verification should inform the user about:
  • If the form upload method is used, the user should see the list of blockchain details from the Autentica Digital Signature in the report (Blockchain Network, Smart Contract Address, and NFT ID). - the artwork contains the Autentica Digital Signature.
  • If the URL-based method is used, the program will enforce that the blockchain details from the Autentica Digital Signature to match with the blockchain information found at that URL. If there is a mismatch then this will lead to a failed verification.
  • If the artwork was duplicated, according to the records we have in our database where multiple NFTs were minted elsewhere with the same content, the user should be informed about how many other duplicates there are and should see a preview of the first three ordered by creation time, with the possibility of seeing all orders.
  • If the verification is not possible due to problems with smart contracts that hold the verified artworks, network issues with the storage provider for those artworks, invalid URL formats, unsupported URLs, NFT doesn’t exist, etc.

Investment Opportunities

Our mission to support artists motivated us to create a process that allows creators to get financial support for the minting process. We have a selected group of investors that can handle the transaction fees in case a creator does not have the funds to do so themselves.
Unlike other platforms, Autentica NFT Marketplace makes it easy for artists to authenticate, promote and sell their art. The user can choose to mint the NFTs themselves or have our select group of investors handle the transaction fees, while the minted NFTs will be owned and linked to the creator's wallet.

Artist Protection

Our technology ensures artists can protect and are in control of their intellectual property by creating authentic NFTs without the risk of fraudulent use or duplicates.
With a digital society hungry for daily and creative new content, we live in a context where the digitalization of the image, audio, and video has become a new reality in entertaining the masses. Artists, brands, and businesses of all sizes may now leverage content production to increase exposure and networking opportunities. With 70% of the creators focusing more on quality than quantity, it’s very important that the creators stay protected and that their work is not stripped away from them.
Our authenticity proprietary technology allows us to protect creators from having their original content taken away, and it helps protect traders from purchasing fake NFTs. This is at the core of our vision to implement a safe, transparent and user-friendly environment for traders and creators to co-exist.
With millions of creators around the globe who are willing to be seen and heard, the world needs a stage for creators to be assured that their work is protected.