Autentica ERC-20 ($AUT)

Autentica Token ($AUT) is a community-focused token designed to fuel the ecosystem, rewarding the creators and traders.

Additionally, the token can also provide reduced service costs, honor and reward our community reviewers and editors, and compensate our select group of investors, who cover the minting expenses for creators who don't want or know how to mint their own tokens.

The ultimate focus of our ongoing efforts is to adapt and evolve toward a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), in which our platform users would own all the decision-making authority. The $AUT token will serve as the means of governance: it enables users to vote on various updates and helps the platform determine how it should evolve. It offers complete transparency, total shareholder control, unprecedented flexibility, and autonomous governance. This puts Autentica in harmony with our most dedicated users and draws us closer to making Autentica a public good where community members put their beliefs to work.

Technical details

The Autentica Token ($AUT) is a standard ERC-20 token created for the Ethereum blockchain, with a fixed supply of 1 billion. The token is built on the OpenZeppelin Contracts framework that is heavily tested and audited by the community.

NameSymbolTechnologyTotal Supply




1 Bln

Source Code

The token's source code is available here.


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