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Brand Ambassador Program

A key pillar in our strategy is community building.
Coinciding with our goal to enable artists to showcase their work to a global audience, we created the brand ambassador program to help us build a strong community of artists and creators, validated by real people and consolidated with ideas, opinions, and shared beliefs.
Autentica brand Ambassador is focused on 2 communities:
Creators who are passionate about digital artwork, and have worked with NFTs, or, are passionate about both the technology and the freedom that comes with it. We are welcoming communities, art associations and individuals artists who are interested in helping us educate the world about the benefits of digital artwrok trading.
2. Traders
Traders who have been involved in the NFT space are our main focus in order to work together towards educating the world about how does NFT trading work, and how people can create new revenue streams by doing such. For traders, we aim to provide them support and a platform to help them create their own content, which will be monitored by our team.
These positions are paid in $AUT and we have a limited capacity of 500 positions for each of the 2 categories described above. We are commited to onboarding people from all over the world, and have designated a proportional number of seats based on the region's size, openness to digital and population.
Our program will go live on 20 July, when we will open the application process. More updates through our social media platforms coming soon.