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Referral Program

Our referral program incentivises Autentica users who promote the marketplace to other users. This is made possible with the use of a unique link that participants can share with their community. The program will run until 15 September 2022.
Below are the five referral levels that our users can achieve:
Level 1 Task:
Create your account and have ten people create new accounts using your referral link. Target: 10,000 accounts created by September 2022. Reward: 250 $AUT. Budget: 2,500,000 $AUT
Level 2 Task:
Have the first five people who opened an account with your referral link make at least one trade. Target: 50,000 trades by Sepember 2022. Reward: 500 $AUT. Budget: 2,500,000 $AUT.