1. March 2021: Development began.

  2. April 2021: NFT Certification working prototype delivered.

  3. May 2021:

    1. First version of the NFT crawler was delivered.

    2. NFT Similarity working prototype delivered.

    3. User account management.

    4. First version of the smart contracts deployed on Rinkeby and Binance Smart Chain Testnet.

    5. NFT creation and NFT minting approval dashboard created.

    6. Support for NFT fixed-price buy and sell.

    7. Initial deployment on the cloud infrastructure.

  4. June 2021:

    1. Explore, Featured and Trending NFT sections deployed on the Marketplace.

    2. ENS integration.

    3. Social Logins support.

  5. July 2021:

    1. First version of the Autentica Certification program was created.

    2. Mint for User working prototype; This paved the way for Investment Opportunities.

    3. Created the first version of the Autentica token ($AUT) on testnets.

  6. August 2021:

    1. IPFS integration.

    2. Feature refinements and design for the Marketplace.

    3. NFT auctions support.

  7. September 2021:

    1. Performance improvements.

    2. First MVP for Autentica Marketplace.

    3. Pre-seed funding.

  8. October 2021:

    1. First batch of hires.

    2. Started our engagement with MME Legal for legal counseling and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  9. November 2021 - February 2022:

    1. Redesigned the platform for a more resilient and scalable solution and separated our core technology into a new product that will become Autentica Technology (SaaS).

    2. Started the process of incorporation in Zug, Switzerland.

    3. Added more user account security options.

    4. 3D Gallery prototype with featured NFTs.

    5. Deployed the new set of smart contracts on testnets, with unit tests and 99% code coverage.

    6. Second batch of hires.

    7. Brand Identity.

  10. April 2022 - June 2022:

    1. Performance and user experience improvements based on the Beta launch feedback.

    2. Autentica Marketplace branding.

    3. Stabilization period.

    4. System Hardening.

    5. Started the preparation phase for the official launch.


  • July 15th 2022:

  • September 2022:

  • October 2022:

    • Autentica token ($AUT) listing.

  • Q1-Q2 2023:

    • Autentica Technology (SaaS); Our core technology will be bundled as a software-as-a-service product which will offer access to NFT Certification, Artist Protection and our data.

  • Q2 2023:

    • Mobile applications for creators and NFT discovery.

  • Q3 2023:

    • Expanding AI/ML to help creators and customers by offering them more ways of creating NFTs but also recommendations for pricing their NFTs.

  • Q4 2023:

    • Autentica Academy: A place for creators and traders where they can sharpen their skills using our reports, tutorials and new tools.

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